The Health Trend


Source: tumblr

I feel like lately there has been a growing interest in everything "healthy". Healthy eating, healthy spending, healthy choices, etc... I guess I was particularly surprised by whoever discovered this "new" lifestyle because for me it was always something I kind of take for granted. A bit of background about myself perhaps will be helpful to understand where I come from when I say this.

I grew up in a very tiny village in the north of Italy and I am very lucky to have parents that are knowledgeable and active about proper health. I remember when I was a child we had no television, instead me and my sisters where encouraged to go play outside. We had no packaged snacks or candy in the house and my mum was always cooking everything from scratch using organic ingredients.

At the age of 13 I announced to my family I was becoming vegetarian and there was no way there were going to stop me. Instead of stressing how unhealthy such a decision can be, my mum explained to me that if being vegetarian was my true call then I had to substitute animal products with other proteins. She thought me everything I know about a balanced vegetarian diet which made me grow up healthy and strong till today.

I am not sure where I am going will all this blabbering about myself, I guess I wanted to give some more introduction to my blog...

Also I guess I want to say that a diet is a lifestyle, and an healthy one is even more connected with your own self. So if you plan to make some changes in this field you should probably agree with yourself that its going to last forever.

I hope you found this somewhat interesting :)