Healthy Meals While Studying


We all know exams and deadline are deleterious for our health in many ways.
Probably the easiest thing to cut out in order to gain more time is food.
I however am a firm believer in the power of study breaks, specifically when they involve food.
I try to cook some good, healthy choices that will also give me more energy to go on with the study day. Here are some examples:

Morning snacks of fresh fruit like mango, or light lunch with a mango and avocado salad topped with Parmesan cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

Easy and quick lunch/dinner is whatever vegetable you have just cut and cooked 20 minutes in the oven with a bit of salt and extra virgin olive oil.

If you have the change to prepare some food before hand I recommend some sort of vegetable pie. Mine are usually made with zucchini, broccoli o spinach, one or two eggs and some Parmesan cheese over the top. I make the dough from scratch as well. This will last me about three days, so yummy!

Same goes for lentils, I will cook a big portion that will last me for four days or more. Here I mixed organic lentils, green beans, carrots, cilantro, red onion and ginger.

Finally when I really need carbs energy I go for pasta. I try to eat the gluten free kind, but sometimes it's just not available. I cook my own tomato sauce and enjoy every bite!

 Hope you liked this post, let me know if you have any questions or want to see any of these recipes in details :)